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1、 If you are corporate account, please contact our customer service or call us (02)168-2111 to find your login details. 2、 If you are personal account, you can login with your registration phone number. There is no password needed for login.

1、 If you have problem with Flash Express site use, don't worry — we're here to help. please send us where the problem first. Some problems only happen with some certain browsers and mobile devices, we have been trying to solve the problems, please try another browser or device. Please contact our customer service to check if we can solve the problem.

1、 Our Track and Trace System is temporarily unavailable. Please contact our Customer Service by telephone (02)168-2111 or email us cuscare@flashexpress.com. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. 2、 Please mail your tracking number to cuscare@flashexpress.com or call us (02)168-2111 if you cannot find your parcel status.

1、 If you're the sender, try contacting the consignee. They can tell you if they've received the package. 2、 Our tracking number usually starts with TH and consisting of digits and characters, e.g. TH5803VAY72. Which you can get from Flash Express Appofficial site and KA System. Please check your spelling and try it again. 3、 If you're the consignee: 4、 Contact the sender to ask for the tracking number. 5、 If you ordered an item from online stores, check your order details. It might contain the tracking number. 6、 Please note: we can't use a name or address to track your package status. Unfortunately, without a tracking number, you will be difficult to track your package status. If you need any help, you can contact our customer service or call us (02)168-2111.

1、 Apologize that you met technical issues with Flash Express. If you think you've found a technical problem on Flash Express site or app, you can report it to our customer service cuscare@flashexpress.com. To report something that's not working. 2、 Make sure to include as much detail about the problem as possible in your report. Information like the kind of phone or tablet you were using and what you were doing when the problem occurred may help us to address the issue.