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1、 You may refer to our tracking page to track the shipment status through our website, on our mobile application or call our Customer Service Centre (02)168-2111. To track your parcel, you'll first need to enter your Flash Express tracking number into the tracking blank box, and click Search. If you can't know your parcel status, please contact us.

1、 To check out if your shipment has been delivered or not, who signed for it and other tracking information just input your Flash Express consignment number/tracking number on the tracking page. You can also log into your Flash Express account, check your orders and select the appropriate order for tracking information. For more specific delivery details, please log in and refer to your order.

1、 Yes, under certain conditions. We strongly advise you to make a record of your tracking number however, if you have the shipper's contact details, you can contact the shipper to get the tracking information. 2、 If you are unsure of your tracking number, you can find it on your booking confirmation message or email. If you have accidentally deleted this email or haven't received it, you can find your tracking number in your Flash Express account by doing the following: 3、 (1)Log in to your Flash Express account (or register if you haven't already) 4、 (2)Check your orders details 5、 (3)Find your Flash Express tracking number displayed, e.g. ‘TH5803VAY72’.This number can also be found in your booking confirmation message. 6、 We strongly recommend you register Flash Express Account.

1、 This could be various reasons why you received an invalid waybill error message. The Flash Express Waybill for every shipment is a 10-digit numeric number (e.g. TH5803VAY72, 2345678901), so please recheck the number and try again. If you still have trouble tracking your parcel, please contact our customer service.

1、 The Pickup and Delivery destinations shown on the Flash Express tracking results are based on the destination of the Service Branch location providing that pickup and delivery. Please be assured that your shipment is being delivered to the destination provided by you when you completed the waybill for your shipment(s). If you need any help, please contact our customer service.

1、 Track the status of your shipment on www.flashexpress.com using your tracking number and look for the estimated delivery date. We are unable to specify an exact delivery time. Typically, deliveries occur during normal business hours and depends on the destination you chose. 2、 If you do not have your tracking number, contact the shipper or login your Flash Express account to obtain the tracking number. Our customer service may be able to find your shipment information if you are unable to get your tracking number from the shipper, please contact our customer service.

1、 The tracking detail page provides summary information about your shipment, including your shipment's current status, pickup and delivery location and estimated delivery date.

1、 Generally speaking, we have nothing to do with the delivery of shipments once it is shipped. If you're the consignee. You must contact the shipper handling the shipment with this issue. If you're the shipper, you can try to contact our customer serviceif they can handle this issue. 2、 Kindly recommend you check your shipper information if it is right in case of any issues.

1、 Unfortunately, we are not able to track your parcel without the tracking number and we cannot reveal any order information without the shippers' permission. Please contact the sender of the parcel for the tracking number. If you need any other help, please contact us

1、 Please note that parcel tracking will not begin until the parcel is scanned upon collection. Couriers with a handheld terminal will immediately make a collection scan. Other parcels may only be shown as collected once they've been scanned at the courier branch. You can quickly track your parcel in future by referring to the tracking pageand entering your Flash Express number.

1、 Most often when a parcel's tracking has stopped updating, it is simply due to a small delay in the delivery, or a delay in the tracking system registering the parcel's progress. However, if your parcel tracking has stopped for more than two or three days, there could be complications with the delivery itself. To check whether there have been any issues with your delivery, refer to the tracking page or cusomer service page to check if there is any issue with your order.