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What is the claims process?

Last update 11.12.2561

The claims process:

1、Once a claim has been received by the claims department, a request will be sent asking you to supply us with a copy of waybill or the waybill number.

2、For any damage of each shipment caused, Flash's liability is limited to direct losses and does not exceed the limit per kilogram specified in this article. Flash does not accept any other loss or damage (including but not limited to profits, revenue, interest, and loss of future business), whether these losses and damages are special or indirect or not, regardless of whether Flash is aware of the risk of such loss or damage or not. Flash shall not be liable for more than 2,000 baht/cargo in transportation of any shipment that is only shipped within Thailand.

3、Please note that all claims will be assessed in accordance with our Terms and Conditions of Carriage.

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